Liisa Lê

Liisa's art seamlessly blends various mediums and techniques to convey her creative vision. Using graphite, colored pencils, acrylic, and oil paints, she crafts both representational and abstract works on canvas and paper.

Her artistic goal is to evoke deep connections and timeless emotions through her pieces. One of her most recent series, "Sanctuary," showcases her advocacy for wetlands and cranes. In this collection, Liisa employs the crane as both a physical and symbolic element. Through her art, she highlights the beauty and vital role of wetlands in our planet's health. Her work serves as a testament to the interconnectedness of these ecosystems with humanity, inviting viewers to appreciate and protect these precious natural spaces.

My Crane Icon

As a second-generation Finnish-American, my ancestral connection to the crane profoundly influences my work today. The majestic winged cranes carved by my boat-building ancestors symbolized protection and security for sailors. This heritage has led me to become a passionate advocate for wetlands and cranes.

When I paint crane images, I explore the concept of sanctuary, akin to the crane's symbolic presence at the ship's brow. It is a transformative journey and a prayer, invoking a sense of connection, serenity, and the enduring power of our interconnectedness. Through the grace and symbolism of the crane, I attempt to articulate my heartfelt wish to uplift humanity and preserve our planet.


  • 1994 - MFA in Art Conservation & Certificate of Advanced Studies
  • 1989 - Advanced Studies in Conservation, Atelier Prof Ingenhoff
  • 1985 - BFA in Painting and Drawing


  • 2023 - Into Nature invitational Plein Air exhibit White Bear Center for the Arts
  • 2023 - Robbins Gallery Whiz Bang Show - Honorary Award
  • 2023 - Northern Lights 23, White Bear Center for the Arts,
  • 2022 - Good Olde Summertime Exhibit- First in Show
  • 2022 - Southside Art League -3rd in show
  • 2022 - Indianapolis State Fair Show - Honorary Award
  • 1985 - The Mark and Leona Memorial in Drawing


  • 2022 - Between 2008 and 2022, embraced various roles, including substitute teaching, retail, and launching a real estate venture, while primarily dedicating my time to nurturing my family as a stay-at-home mother.
  • 2008 - Painting Specialist, Private Conservator, Indiana
  • 2004 - Associate Painting Conservator, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indiana
  • 1994 - Assistant Panting Conservator, Art Conservation Department Buffalo State College, New York
  • 1993 - Painting Conservator, Dallas Museum of Art, Texas
  • 1992 - Painting Conservation, Page Conservation Inc. Washington D.C.
  • 1989 - Painting Conservation, Atelier Professor Ingenhoff, West Germany.

Exhibits & Shows:

  • 2023 - Extremely Minnesota- Robins Gallery
  • 2023 - Robbins Gallery Whiz Bang Show
  • 2023 - White Bear Center for the Arts, Into Nature Plein Air Show
  • 2023 - White Bear Center for the Arts, Extended Plein Air Show
  • 2023 - White Bear Center for the Arts, Northern Lights
  • 2022 - SALI International Abstract Art Exhibition XVIII
  • 2022 - Hoosier Saloon 98th Annual Exhibition
  • 2022 - Good Olde Summertime Exhibit - First in Show
  • 2022 - Southside Art League -3rd in show
  • 2022 - Indianapolis State Fair Show - Honorary Award


  • 2023, Blue Herron Memorial, oil on canvas
  • 2023, Margaux - Portrait, oil on canvas
  • 2023, Archangel Raphael, egg tempera on panel
  • 1989, Grandfather’s Horses, Hyper-Realism pencil
  • 1988, By the River Wannweil, Oil Painting Diptych
  • 1988, German Shepard, Memorial
  • 1987, Terrier, Memorial


  • 2000, Western Associations for Art Conservation, volume 22 Conference review, Rissverklebung
  • 2001, University of Notre Dame, Three Icons
  • 1999, Indianapolis Women
  • 1998, Painting Conservation Catalog, Volume 1; Varnishes and Surface Coatings, Dammar.
  • 1991, Indianapolis Entertainment

Artist Professional Skills:

  • Versatile Painting Media
  • Hyper-Realism Drawing
  • Documentation photography and reporting
  • Inshot & Canva Proficient
  • Theater and Stage Prop Design
  • Art Instructor: Iconography, Egg Tempera, and Water Gilding
  • Art and Science Elementary Education and Substitute Teaching

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Cranes, Wetlands, Portraits: Exploring Soulful Connections Through My Art